Stefania Cordone was born is Palermo in 1986. She graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo, specialising in art graphics. She lives and works in Castelbuono, where she is also Artistic Director in PUTIA sicilian creativity, planning events and exhibitions and and at the same time giving painting and drawing lessons. Currently, she works with the Civic Museum of Castelbuono, where she is responsible for teaching classes. She took part in a number of collective and solo exhibitions, her artwork can be found in many public and private collections.

She doesn’t like to de ne herself, both as a person and as an artist, because she thinks that de nitionsput limits to something that in reality evolves constantly. Her artistic research often deals with themes andgures of the grotesque, creating with them a parallel and imaginary world. It’s a combination of referen- ces, real or metaphorical ones, and of different languages. Word and image interact with each other using painting, drawing and various materials which, in some cases, end up forming “synthetic objects”.

Among her most recent projects there is the collective exhibition “The Hanging Garden” for Manifesta12 (June 2018, Spaziocentotre, Palermo) and the recent residence in France, in Lille, at the collective Le Ca- gibi, where she produced a book printed in serigraphy, limited edition, “Ritorno a Itaca”.



– Ritorno a Itaca, Une exposition de Pole Ka et Stefania Cordone, Le Cagibi, Lille, France

– Rivolti, Arciporcorosso, Palermo

– Innesti, Palm Beach Hotel, Cinisi (PA)

– Animalaria, Putia art gallery, Castelbuono (PA)



The Hanging Garden, Spaziocentrotre, Palermo
Tutti giú per terra, PUTIA art gallery, Castelbuono (PA)


Tutti giú per terra, DUDI libreria per bambini, Palermo
– Mediterranean Routes / Rotte Mediterranee, Cantieri, Culturali alla Zisa, Spazio ZAC, Palermo

– Bells From The Deep, Hundred Years Gallery, London

– Montagne d’arte, progetto I-Art, Ex Convento dei Cappuccini (CCP), Geraci Siculo (PA)
– CCTVYLLE #3, Bobez Arte, Palermo

– Everythings is under control, CCTVYLLE exibition, Putia art gallery, Castelbuono (PA)
– self[ie]portraits, L’Altro ArteContemporanea (LAAC), Palermo
– Prova ed errore, Museo Civico, Castelbuono (PA)

– COincisioni, mostra-laboratorio di incisione, L’Altro ArteContemporanea (LAAC), Palermo
– Invasioni 2013, Accademia in mostra, Archivio storico comunale, Palermo

Una Marina di libri, mostra di libri d’artista e di stampe d’arte a cura di Francesca Genna , Palazzo
Steri, Palermo

Quelli del non-toxic. Aquellos del no-tóxico, a cura di Francesca Genna , Sala de Exposiciones de
la Facultad de Bellas Artes de la Univeridad de Barcelona and Sala de Exposiciones de Ca Revolta,
Valènciannatella, Palermo.

– Paesaggi nel tempo/Paisajes en el Tiempo, Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa, Palermo



– Letterpress e Stampa Alternativa,  a cura di Melania Lanzini, Firenze arti Visive

– 28 Aprile/ 3 Maggio – Workshop condotto dall’artista Flavio Favelli, Ex Scuderie del Palazzo Farnese di Caprarola (VT) a cura di Daniela Bigi, vice-direttrice della rivista Arte&Critica



Bruno Munari. La mostra impossibile. PUTIA art gallery, Castelbuono (PA)

Forme dell’impronta, solo exibition di Michele Di Donato. PUTIA art gallery, Castelbuono (PA)
Linda Randazzo, solo exibition. PUTIA art gallery, Castelbuono (PA)
Anna, solo exibition di Igor Scalisi Palminteri. PUTIA art gallery, Castelbuono (PA)

Il peso dell’anima, solo exibition di Vera Carollo. PUTIA art gallery, Castelbuono (PA)
Le Cagibi, i mercati di Palermo e altre serigrafie. PUTIA art gallery, Castelbuono (PA)

Self[ie]portarit. LAAC, Palermo
CO-incisioni, mostra/laboratorio di incisione. LAAC, Palermo